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Dr. Tahira Khanam

is a well-known person in medical fraternity in Jammu & Kashmir in fields of Medical Education as also in the realm of primary, secondary & Higher Education.

Her contribution in fields mentioned above have provided to young and old a greatly needed initiative for raising institutions of learning and medical care needed for bringing all-round improvement in the quality of

health & education of the people of J&K and the region of Kashmir in particular which has gone through tough times for decades.

Dr. Tahira Khanam has the distinction of being amongst the first Muslim Doctors who qualified as a Gynecologist way back in 1956 from Gwalior. She became a messiah for the needy in the field of Gynecology and child welfare. Her name and fame spread and persons from all sections of the population availed off the healing touch she offered. She earned appreciation by child protectors & such other organizations operating in United States where she was formally insisted years back to be honored for such services to mankind.

Dr. Tahira Khanam and her Husband Mr. Ab. Aziz Dar

a post Graduate conceived the idea of establishing a Maternity Home – the first one in private sector in J&K in October 1969. This maternity home soon got upgraded to a full-fledged Hospital.

The Hospital promoters & the management feel proud of the fact that Khanams Group of which the Hospital is a prominent Constituent unit was raised without any assistance cash or kind from the State or the Central Government.

The Khanam’s family marched ahead and walked in to the field of Primary Secondary, College Education and raised few other service institutions during the years of turmoil. These concerns/institutions offer Medical/Surgical advice & assistance to thousands each year. They train hundreds of Paramedicos such as Nurses, La. Technicians etc each year.

The College offers post graduate course in education (B.Ed) wherein hundreds receive Education & Training each year. The six Public High schools raised by Khanams in villages presently teaches more than 3000 students while providing gainful employment to over 600 Employees. Khanams also made its presence fell in Industrial sector by establishing Silk Reeling, Silk Weaving, Wool Fabric Manufacturing and Knitting& Hosiery Small Scale Industrial units which presently provide direct and indirect employment to hundreds. The Group & the Trust & their promoters always remain on look out for upgrading the services being rendered and with passage of time will raise some more Service Centers. In absence of adequate funds & lack of assistance from the State & Central Governments etc, the executions of such plans may take of time. The promoters however remain confident that they will succeed in realizing such objectives in near future.